Do you feel the urgency to share your message with a book?


The company was founded by Dr. Pietro Evangelista in 2000, at the time Destiny Image Europe. A worldwide appreciated Pastor and speaker, Pietro Evangelista has had the privilege to travel and hold conferences in more than 20 countries, thus creating an international network of experienced collaborators. Pastor Pietro’s core team is today supported by tens of highly-skilled professionals and artists from all over the world, with his same passion for beauty and excellence.

During the past 18 years of blessed activity as publishers – with the brands of Destiny Image Europe and Evangelista Media – our team has given hundreds of writers the opportunity to make their message spread. Times are changing and the main book retailers are facing a serious crisis. The organized distribution as we knew it will soon become history, and not acknowledging it would only worsen the situation.

We felt it was wise to innovate the way we help writers spread their stories. Our team is now fully dedicated to serving independent authors having a top quality product they can sell to their specific audience. We put at our clients’ disposal our decades-long expertise, while they keep 100% of their rights (and incomes).


Larry Gentis – “If You Love Me”

Dr. Dennis Sempebwa – “Eagle’s Wings International”

Giuseppe Lombardo (turn English subtitles on)